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Otázky k ústní zkoušce pro ekonomickou fakultu (Intelligent Business)

13. 1. 2010
Intelligent business - ústní zkouška
  1. Companies
Types of companies, the tendency of their development, vision for the future.
Key words: joint-stock company, shareholders, multinationals, subsidiaries, family businesses, new-high-tech cooperation
  1. Leadership
Management styles, their characterization, their advantages and disadvantages.
Key words: inspiration and motivation techniques, authorities, subordinates
  1. Strategy
Principles of SWOT analysis, strategic planning process.
Key words: market, competition, strategic objectives, resources, strength, weakness, opportunities, threats
  1. Pay
Pay versus performance, evaluating and rewarding performance
Key words: "fat cat", pay package, reward, pension, golden parachute, severance deal, remuneration committee
  1. Development
The balance between development and environment shown on the example of
the proposed development in Peru.
Key words: more/less economically developed countries, natural resources, construction project, industrial facilities, pollution,
  1. Marketing
Marketing mix, the role of brands, characteristics of a successful brand
Key words: product, price, promotion, place, brands,
  1. Outsourcing
The principles of outsourcing, the difference between outsourcing and offshoring, their advantages and disadvantages
Key words: globalization,cost savings, operating costs, service work, knowledge work, corporate downsizing.
  1. Finance
Accounting and corporate governance, accounting irregularities, the reasons for falsifying accounts
Key words: mismanagement, irregularities in financial reporting, auditors, balance sheets, income statement/profit and loss accounts, income and outgoing
  1. Recruitment
Three different types of job interview, information the interviewer wants to gain during the interview, how to organize the recruitment process
Key words: candidates, curriculum vitae/resumé, qualification, experience, skills, application, interview, to hire a candidate,
  1. Counterfeiting
Counterfeiting seen as a crime or something what can benefit consumer, sorts of copyright infringements – which or them are considered a crime a why, the reasons for an increasing extent of counterfeiting.
Key words: counterfeiter, patent, intellectual property, copyright, trademarks, fakes, infringements,